Gruner Coffee Glass Corporate Gift (beIN)

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A fantastic Gruner Glass Mug for coffee, tea, soft drinks, and even good for water. Made from exceptionally durable glass material and silicon protector. Our BeIN glass coffee cups won’t crack or taint the taste of your drink like plastic or other conventional coffee mug materials. The wide fit sleeve provides a comfortable handle of the cup while the thick and well-fitting silicone protector cushions your lips to make each sip a pleasant experience.

Anti-Slip Thermal Sleeve and splash-proof silicone lid. Suitable for corporate souvenirs and available for bulk. As the best corporate gifts wholesale supplier in Singapore, we provide you with the finest deals on this 12 Oz/350ml standard Barista-size glass with silicone protector cup.

This Coffee Glass Mug is BPA and plastic-free, making it eco-friendly, reusable, and presentable. Lightweight, very durable to withstand high temperatures, either hot or cold. Easy to clean and heat your drinks quickly as it is dishwasher and microwave friendly. Also, a great option for cafes and pubs to serve happy customers, available in bulk, and suitable for corporate gifts in Singapore.

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