Altermatt Shopping Mall GWP – Sesame Street Thermal Flask

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Enjoy your hot or cold drinks, water, tea, or coffee, without the worries of temperature interference. This Sesame Street Thermal Flasks was designed to keep your drinks as preferred (hot or cold) for hours. The tight airlock cap ensures the contents of the canteen to stay fresh all day long. With varieties of cool street style design available for wholesale supply, it makes it suitable for Singapore corporate gifts.

The leak-proof and BPA-free sturdy flasks are made from top quality food-safety stainless steel material, making them eco-friendly, durable, and reusable. This thermally insulated flask is the real deal! Keep your body hydrated and the planet safe with our 500ml reusable stainless steel water bottle. The easy to open the lid and wide mouth makes it perfect for filling and pouring, and for easy cleaning accessibility.

You never have to worry about your flask drenching the cup holder, backpack, bag, or hands. This condensation free thermal street flask won’t create a messy puddle for you to clean up. Sesame Street themed Thermal Flask exclusively for Suntec City Mall is built to last. Perfect for trips to the gym, the beach, hiking, camping, kids lunch pack, and Singapore corporate souvenir.

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