NTUC Bundle Pack

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This is a simple design NTUC bundle pack bag that is suitable for a wide range of use, making it versatile and simply universal. The bag pack features a strong handle at the top for easy handling. The mini bag can hold your keys, little water bottle, and other daily use and keep them organized.

This pack comes with DIY Sock Puppets and Colored Streamers for that kid’s imaginative play. They are designed to inspire play-based learning, sensory play, and motor skills development. The light-weight, child-friendly bundle pack accessories are easy to control when running, jumping, twirling, dancing, and more. Makes for a wonderful party streamer, or accessory for dress-up play.

This is a wonderful corporate Singapore gift option for kids. Physically active children and little ones with special needs who benefit from the movement-oriented play will enjoy using streamers for dancing or as a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. Environmentally friendly made with natural fiber, high-quality silk in vibrant colors. NUTC is committed to making imaginative toys that are sustainable for the Earth and its children. 100% natural, non-toxic materials. The bag pack is an addition that can be used by adults.

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