Giant Foldable Shopping Bag

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This Giant Foldable Shopping bag is an extra-large size shopping bag and yet almost weightless. Big capacity reusable bag that can fits in more groceries, saving you the stress of multiple trips from the car to your apartment after shopping. Green eco-friendly companion for travel, on vacation, or business. Bring this eco-bag everywhere you go for a sustainable living lifestyle. Light yet durable. Shop in style and comfort.

Features and ergonomic design for greater comfort, with a wide handle and ergo bag structure, facilitates better weight distribution to prevent damage of bag during heavy-duty usage. Handles are designed slightly shorter for ease of carrying big, bulky groceries. With this Eco-friendly reusable grocery bag, you are saving the planet from further pollution by the use of disposable plastic bags.

This shopping bag is foldable into soft, compact, portable mini pocket pouches. A meaningful corporate eco gift for all occasions – friends, families, colleagues, corporate events, and party goodie bags. Great zero waste kit for men and women, a perfect corporate gift in Singapore, and available in bulk wholesale prices.

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